Brazilian Hair Straightening

Brazilian Hair Straightening is also known as, Brazilian Blowout, Brazilian Smoothing treatment and Brazilian Blowdry..

Many of our customers came in without knowing that there is a difference between one Brazilian Hair Straightening to another, They simply ask to get the Brazilian straightening done.

Many years of experience with the Brazilian Hair Straightening and other Hair Straightening Treatments taught us that we have to fit the right product for each client..

How Do We Do It?

That starts with the desired results and then we have to find the right product for the specific hair type and desired results.

Once we decide which product to use we start the Brazilian Straightening, The process takes anywhere between 2 hours and can be up to 3.5 hours, That depends on the hair length and thickness..

There are many different Straightening products which allows customers to wash their hair at the same day or the next day. However, We always recommend clients to leave the keratin on for at least 2 Days. 3 Days is ideal, but if they cannot leave it on that long 2 Days will do!

The Brazilian Hair Straightening Products:

Some of the most popular Brazilian Hair Straightening brands are; Brazilian Blowout (Yes, It is a brand name too), Marcia Texiera Brazilian Keratin Tratment, Rejuvenol Keratin Treatment, Keratin complex By Peter Coppola and Global Keratin Treatment

We cary all of the above Line of products, each of the above brands has about 3-5 different formulas..

It begins with a non formaldehyde Keratin treatment and goes up to some boosted Keratin treatment formulas.

The Brazilian Hair Straightening typically lasts about 4-5 months on Color treated hair, and on natural hair it would last about 2-3 months.

The Brazilian Hair Straightening price in NYC runs from about $200 up to $400 in average salons, Some salons may charge way more than that.

See our Before and After page to see some of our happy customers. Also, here you can find Brazilian Hair Straightening reviews.

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