The New Coppola Keratin Treatment Legacy

New Coppola Keratin Treatment Legacy

When it comes to the hair-smoothing process, Peter Coppola is known as an absolute innovator for the introduction of the keratin treatment. The Coppola Keratin Concept is a keratin treatment that offers a complete hair rejuvenating system. The Peter Coppola Keratin Concept Collection delivers healthy, age-defying results that are going to change the hair care industry and radically changes the way people treat their hair.

The New Coppola Keratin Treatment Legacy

If you think that amazing, long-lasting results are impossible without the use of harsh chemicals, we have some very interesting news for you. Not only is it possible, but our salon is capable of delivering these results right now.

A keratin treatment without harsh chemicals
The Coppola Keratin Smoothing Treatment offers you a chance to reverse some of the damage that your hair has taken over time. It is a keratin treatment without the harsh addition of formaldehyde and aldehyde.

This treatment goes beyond smoothing your hair. When you receive this treatment in our salon (conveniently located in midtown New York City), you will notice that the treatment restores the hairs youthful look and texture, adds volume, and delivers an anti-aging boost that lasts at least three months.

The formula uses a low pH mechanism combined with high-quality, salon-safe ingredients to ensure that you do not have to worry about harmful chemicals if you want to soften and smooth your hair. The hair is also infused with damage-reversing Ceramides and vital Keratin amino acids.

Imagine safe and soft hair for at least three months with a single salon visit. It is not just a dream, it is possible with the The New Coppola Keratin Treatment Legacy.

The Keratin Concept Legacy collection
One if the latest innovations introduced by Peter Coppola is the Keratin Concept Legacy collection. This is a complete, at-home product selection that is going to offer volume to hair and restore the youthful look and texture.

The Legacy collection uses a skillfully developed combination of Ceramides and Keratin, both of which are able to promote overall hair strength and reverse signs of damage to the hair. This offers unparalleled protection and gives your hair a restorative boost.

Unlike most of the products available on the market, the Keratin Concept Legacy collection offers protection against some of the most harmful environmental stressors that your hair has to deal with. These stressors include: daily styling damage, UV exposure, heat styling, and chemical services.

The keratin treatment is formaldehyde free and offers exceptional protection in between salon treatments. It can help fortify the hair shaft by restoring any damaged patches found in the hair’s cuticle layer. This leads to youthful, smoother, and stronger results for your hair.

Discover the difference for yourself
Keep in mind that while the original Coppola Keratin Smoothing Treatment was only available in select salons, you now have the chance to use Peter Coppola’s new Keratin Concept Legacy collection. If you are ready to change the way that you treat your hair, call 212-464-7130 today and schedule an appointment. Like so many others before you, you will be amazed by the difference that the Coppola Keratin Smoothing Treatment makes for your hair.


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